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Our Fresh & Local Product Range

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Fresh & Local


Meat in Graffham Village Shop is freshly delivered by Michael Courtney Butchers in Midhurst, just 10 minutes down the road. Place an order for something special, or drop in and pick up some sausages, bacon or chicken pieces from our fridge for a quick meal. At Christmas we take orders for a range of different turkeys.



Fresh bread every day, organic loaves normally available, also croissants and pain-au-chocolat. We also make fresh sandwiches daily and cook pies and bacon rolls in our kitchen.


Our dairy produce comes from several local sources. Organic milk and cream come from Goodwood Farm. It is produced by their herd of Dairy Shorthorn cows, a native breed famous for its good nature and the quality of its milk. Milk from Goodwood is non-homogenised and processed at their own farm shortly after the cows are milked. Non-organic milk, yogurts and other dairy products also available. All our eggs are free range and freshly delivered from "Ken's Eggs" and other local suppliers.

Sussex cheese is a speciality at Graffham Village Shop and we vary our stock as we introduce new varieties. A favourite among the locals is Sussex Charmer, a hard-pressed cheese matured for up to 1 year with a flavour which is a cross between Cheddar and Parmesan. Another cheese popular in Graffham is St Giles, a mild, creamy cheese with an edible orange rind somewhat similar to the French Port Salut. St Giles is delivered to us from the High Weald Dairy and was voted fifth best cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2009. We would love to say it was named after our own St Giles Church. Alas St Giles is also the patron saint of St Giles, Horsted Keynes, where the cheese is made! Other cheeses regularly on our shelves include Scrumpy Sussex, sheep's cheese such as Sussex Slipcote, and Sussex Brie and Camembert from The Cheese Man. Whilst we love our local cheese you will also find cheese from other parts of the country and even as far away as France!


Fresh Fish


Delicious, sustainable fresh fish is available in our chiller compartment.


Fruit & Veg

Wherever possible we try to get Sussex fruit, vegetables and salad in season. Salad crops on the South Coast are plentiful in summer. Sadly we don't produce mangos or pineapples, ginger or avocados in West Sussex, we have to compromise on "local" here to bring our customers a full range of fresh produce!


The Larder


As a traditional village shop we aim to supply everything you need without going any further ... from cornflakes and baked beans to washing powder and rubber gloves, we have it here. We also have an abundance of speciality items - jams, chutneys and marmalades, chocolates and biscuits, both from local Sussex producers and from Europe.




Planning something exotic? No need to go further than Graffham Village Shop as we now stock a large range

of Bart Spices as well as a wide selection of ingredients for both European and Asian cooking.


Frozen Produce


From Our Freezer to Yours! If you just can't be bothered, why not grab one of the variety of ready meals from our freezer? We also stock Dr Oetker's Frozen Pizzas and all the usual fish fingers, burgers and frozen vegetables for convenience meals. You will also find local ice-creams and Haagen Daz in the freezer.

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